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Our website works with PAYPAL, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account to register for our conference.  After you fill out this form, please click NEXT and you will be redirected to the PayPal page. In order to complete your transaction, you just need a major credit card or bank account.

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* Regular Registration fee includes: An opportunity to publish your accepted paper in one of our publications, one printed issue of the journal or Proceedings CD containing your paper, an Official Certificate for International Conference participation, the luncheon, coffee breaks, an international forum to present your paper and attend other presentations, listing of your paper in the program, and an opportunity to meet and network with your international colleagues in a friendly environment.

To get published you need to specify paper or abstract Presenting ONLY, do not include publication.

The Co-author Registration needs to be preceded  by the Regular Registration ($350) of one of the other co-authors!

Second paper need to be registered before or during the Registration of the first manuscript or will be removed from publishing without any notice.

** We consider Abstracts as work in progress, which is potentially publishable in future issues of the Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic OASIS)

*** People who claim a Student Discount should submit a formal letter on their institution’s letterhead, signed by their academic Dean or Departmental Head and student ID

The conference organiser would like to underline the difference between a Letter of Invitation and a Letter of Guarantee. Depending on your professional situation, background and nationality, you may be required to submit a Letter of Invitation and/or Letter of Guarantee.

A Letter of Guarantee is a letter in which an individual or body agrees to be legally and financially responsible for you during your stay in the United State of America. You may know a willing individual or institution in the USA, who is willing to act as a guarantor, or, if you have no connection with the country, USA immigration authorities may find that it is acceptable to have your university act as the guarantor. Academic OASIS can not provide Letters of Guarantee.

Every Person, Who Requests A Formal Letter Of Invitation For Visa Purposes, Should Be A Registered Participant In One Of The Forthcoming  Our Conferences Proper Registration Includes Full Payment Of All Due Conference Fees.

A disclaimer: Academic Organization for Advancement of Strategic and International Studies (Academic OASIS) Is NOT Responsible for Consequences of Acts of God, Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, And Other Unforeseeable Circumstances Beyond Our Control. All Fees are Non Refundable and Nontransferable.

Discount is available for S&H of multiple journal copies.