1)   The student discount is a special privilege extended by Academic OASIS to needy students who are 1) single authors and 2) enrolled Full Time in a Traditional University;

2)   Academic Institutions in which the enrolled students receive financial support that is equivalent to a salary by a sponsoring Government Agency or a Private Organization are not considered Traditional Universities for the purpose of receiving a student discount;

3)   No student, who has co-authors, irrespective of their status, is entitled to a student discount. It is only reasonable for these authors to look for cost-sharing by their co-authors.

4)   The status of a Full Time student should be verified first by a letter signed by the student’s Department Chair or Academic Dean (scanned copies of these letters emailed to Academic OASIS are acceptable, in order to reduce students’ cost), and only after the explicit approval by an authorized Academic OASIS representative, the student will rightfully claim her or his discount. Alternatively, her or his registration will be considered incomplete.